ítulo: Vitrification and Geopolimerization of Wastes for Immobilization or Recycling.

Autores: Jesús Mª Rincón y Manuel Jordan Vidal.

ISBN: 978-84-16024-58-2.

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Descripción breve:  Miguel Hernández University is hosting the VITROGEOWASTES 2017 international workshop, due to be held from 14 to 15 September in Elche (Alicante-Spain). Over what are expected to be two intense days, discussions will be centred on a series of topics of enormous interest connected with vitrification and geopolymerization of waste for immobilisation or recycling. We’ll be listening to internationally renowned speakers who are leaders in these fields. We’re also going to be expanding our knowledge in discussions based on more than fifty scientific papers due to be presented in the panel sessions. Here at Miguel Hernández University we’re delighted to be holding this workshop, which aims to disseminate interesting studies with the potential to improve our everyday lives. The importance of environmental protection is plain to see and it’s up to us to raise awareness of this issue and set future generations on the right path. Sessions will take place in the ‘Ciutat d’Elx’ Conference Centre, a modern setting for sharing and discussing ground-breaking work on vitrification and geopolymerization. The workshop is an exceptional networking opportunity for researchers, academics and students alike. Elche, host venue for VITROGEOWASTES 2017, is a typically Mediterranean city, where visitors are given the warmest of welcomes. I invite you to take some time to wander through the streets and explore the endless palm tree groves. During the workshop, you’ll have the chance to learn more about El Palmeral and the Misteri, both of which hold UNESCO World Heritage status. You’ll also be able to see how the two ancient crafts of palm tree caretaking and palm leaf weaving are still practised. Plus, the closing gala dinner promises to be a feast of the very best local Elche cuisine. I’d like to give you a very warm welcome to VITROGEOWASTES 2017 and to Elche, please make yourselves at home.